Friday, April 4, 2014

DIY Craft Table

Most of you know, I'm a pretty crafty person... you've seen my many, many projects and some of you have even been on the receiving end of them.  Since I moved to college, my crafting supplies have been confined to Rubbermaid bins, Tupperware, and closets.  When Jason and I moved to Sacramento-- we sold all of our clunky, old, hand-me-down furniture.  I decided to use this furniture-less opportunity to figure out exactly what I wanted-- and take the time to actually design my rooms, and buy the furniture.

One thing I've been hoping for is a table tall enough to cut fabric at, or paint at, or do other crafty things at.  As a tall woman-- I always feel like I'm hunched over assembling things, and it's annoying.  So when I found this idea on Pintrest, I knew I had to do it!

Courtesy: Make It, Love It
Isn't this awesome?   Now mine doesn't have a fancy chair, or baskets--- because I didn't need them.  But it's tall enough for me to stand at-- and it holds all of my crafts.

It's a bit messy right now, because I'm working on unpacking all of my supplies-- and making an ironing station with drawers.  Yes, I will teach you how to make that when it's done.  But I'm so excited to have it-- and start working with it once my craft room is complete.

This table was incredibly easy to put together.  Below you'll find the list of supplies from Ikea:

Galant Table Top-- Minus the Frame.  Cost $70.

Expedit Shelves-- Need two of these.  Cost $34.99 each.

Capita Legs-- Four come in a package, and these are completely optional.  They come in three sizes, 4-inches, 6-inches, and 8-inches.  I obviously bought the 8-inch legs.  They cost between $12 and $16 depending on what size you buy.

Velcro Fasteners-- These are different than the ones I bought, which were crap.  They were hard to remove from the plastic so I only got 8 out of the 32 that I bought that were usable.  I would recommend shopping around before buying, so you don't waste your money.  They cost about $3 for a decent sized package.

Total cost for my craft table: $175

To put it together-- build the Expedit shelves,  attach the legs to each corner of the shelves on the bottom, put velcro on the outside edges of the shelves on the top and the tabletop on the bottom-- and attach the tabletop to the shelves and voila!

I chose velcro, because it's less permanent than gluing or drilling.  And I like to move things around a lot until I have them in the right place.

There you have it!  I'm ready to get crafty :)

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