HELLO!  Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

My name is Kerstin (it's pronounced Curse-tin).  You'd be surprised how many people get that wrong.

I grew up in a suburb just outside Portland, Oregon.  I spent most of my youth in my room, singing into a hairbrush-turned-microphone, getting lost in the world of books and drawing, painting, sewing or crafting.  I also spent a lot of time playing and exploring the great outdoors with our family dogs.

After high school, I took a big risk-- and ventured to Missoula to attend the University of Montana.  I say big risk, because I knew nothing about the state or town... and I knew absolutely no one there.  It turned out to be a great experience.  And a time full of self discovery and confidence building.

After graduating in 2007 with a Bachelors in Journalism, I moved home to Portland to work as a part-time news writer for the local Fox affiliate.  A few months later, I found a full-time job in Eugene (about two hours south of Portland), packed up my life, and spent nearly three years as a news producer in the Emerald City.  There, I got to meet, then Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, cover the 2008 US Track and Field Trials and meet my amazing boyfriend Jason.  That's also where we added our fur-child Khloe.

In 2010, Jason and I moved to Portland where I worked for the same Fox affiliate I started my career at.  I watched the Occupy Portland movement take over the streets of Downtown, celebrated Portland's Rose Festival, and learned the ins and outs of Portland Timbers Soccer from the Booth.  After three years in my amazing hometown, I took a big career leap in 2014 and moved to sunny California.

Now, I am working for CBS 13 in Sacramento.  The station is owned and operated by CBS Corporation, yes the same company that employs Bob Schieffer and Scott Pelley.  It's been a life-long goal of mine to work for CBS.   This job is challenging me in ways I couldn't possibly have imagine-- and I'm loving every minute of it.  (If you're interested in my work throughout the year, here's a link to my Professional Portfolio,)

As much as I love my career-- this blog is an escape from the death, destruction, politics and current events my work world revolves around.  I have a love of all things crafty, outdoorsy, doggy (dogs, I love dogs), and family.  I come from a huge family, and am sad to be away from them.  I love to make things, explore the outdoors with my dog, and sing loudly and off-key in the car.

But, my main project for the past few years now, is to work on myself.  I've struggle with depression and excessive weight gain for the last three years.  In 2013, I decided to start seeing a therapist and I started a journey with my boyfriend to lose weight.  It's been an incredibly challenging and rewarding journey so far-- and I am happy I've made the decision to be the best me I can be.

I've been chronicling my journey to better myself on this blog, along with some of my adventures around the West and in the craft world.  My hope is for this blog to inspire you to be the best you, you can be-- whatever that may be.

So please, read up and pass this along if you like what you see!  Thanks for stopping by.
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