Sunday, April 7, 2013

Book Review: Girls in White Dresses

Finally, finally, finally... we're nearly a week into a new month and I have finally got the time to sit down and tell you what I think about March's book club pick.  I just hope you've stuck around to join the discussion.

I chose Girls in White Dresses to be my next book off the Quarter Life Crisis reading list, because when I read the back cover it really spoke to me.  At the time, yet another group of friends had announced they were getting married, having a baby or buying a house.  You know, all those milestones in life you're supposed to hit by the time you're 30, or so society seems to tell us?  I really needed something that spoke to me, an almost 30-year-old woman who wasn't married, pregnant or anywhere near buying a home.

I think I chose the right book, people!

First things first, let me just say that I did have a harder time getting into this book than Confessions of a Shopahilic.  The writing style is a little different, and while I think the book flows well-- there were just some nights that I didn't really feel like delving into someone's life.

That aside, I really loved the women in this book.  And on some level I could really identify with them.   I've been in that crazy friend's wedding, who has 5,000 showers-- like the girls' friend Kristi.  And it truly is hard to sit there at the fourth shower and pretend to care anymore.

Sometimes I think we, as women, take this whole marriage ritual a little too far.  I know it's your special day and all, but do we really need 5 showers, 3 bacehlorette parties and dozens of bridesmaids.  What happened to the good old days, when you went down to the courthouse and got married..  like Lauren and Mark?

I don't know about you, but this book had me laughing my way though it.  But I also found myself pondering things as well.  Every time I picked it up, I felt like I had my best friend in the room with me.  Sort of there, assuring me that it's ok that my life is going on at a different pace than everyone else.  We're all different.

I thought the author, Jennifer Close, did a good job developing each of the characters and making them different yet similar to each other.  She told their stories with humor and a little humility.  And for that, I have to say thank you.

So, what did you think of the book?  Could you relate to any of the women?  Do you have a crazy dating story, a friend you thought married the wrong man, or an intense bride who had more than her fair share of showers?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Get in on the discussion below...

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