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--My Weight Loss Journey--
Updates on my efforts to get fit and be healthy

On to Phase Two
Weekly Update #4
Week 5 Update
Panic, Frustration Can Lead to Captain Crunch
Unmotivated and Exhausted
Depression and Disappointment
Jonesing for Junk Food
I'm Sexy and I know It (Almost)
Just One More...
Braving the Gym
Success is so Sweet!
Dealing with Depression Part 1
Dealing with Depression Part 2
A Week (or two) of Less-Than-Great Choices
My Dirty Little Secret
The Importance of Support
Shedding Our Fat Wardrobe
Time to Refocus
A Little Reminder...
The Laugh Lady Returns
Lesson Learned, Hopefully
A Familiar Feeling
Counter Productive
Sleep, Food and 35 Pounds
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Baby Steps
The Big Picture
The Massive Backslide
Fall Has Arrived
Weekend Update 10/6
Status Update
One Final Goal
A New Adventure
Weekend Update 11/3
Hello 2014
Getting Back in the Saddle
Ok, I Lied
Still Transitioning
Food Slut

--Workout Reviews-- 
Reviews on workout tapes, classes and programs I've tried

Cindy Crawford: A New Dimension
Good Morning & Good Night Yoga

--Health & Fitness Insight-- 

** I am not a health and fitness expert.  These posts merely reflect methods, workouts and thoughts that have helped me become a healthier person.  Before you start any fitness program, consult your doctor **
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