Monday, June 17, 2013

A Little Reminder...

I'm incredibly lucky to be on this weight loss journey with an amazingly supportive partner.

Jason has been one of the biggest reasons why I keep pushing myself to continue on this journey.  And let me tell you, it hasn't been easy!  I'm still teaching myself how to develop better eating and workout habits.  It's definitely a work in progress!  And I've stumbled oh, so many times.  But no matter how many times I fall, or feel like giving up he's right there to inspire me.  And it doesn't even bother me how much more weight he's lost than me.  In fact, I'm inspired by it.

Isn't it amazing?  He's a completely different person, and he just keeps going and going!  What an inspiration.  But probably the biggest inspiration to me is something he did when we were first starting out.  His friend Jose suggested that he record himself reading of a list of reasons why he wanted to lose the weight.  I'm posting it on here, because I think it's amazing, but you don't have to watch all 17 minutes of it.

I think the thing that inspired me the most was how many of his reasons had to do with me.  It truly reminded me that we're partners first and foremost-- in life and in this journey.  And since, I've been slacking myself lately I recorded a little video reminder too.  It's a little different, because I finally got around to printing out my reasons and posting them at my desk, in the car and all around the house.

So here it is, my video reminder to myself...

Man, that was a hard thing to do.  Especially since I did it off the fly... it probably would have been better to write it down!  But I think it's an important step for me as we move forward.  I really want to be under 300 pounds when I head to Montana in August.  And, lately I haven't been working hard to meet that goal.  So it's time to step it up.

To read all of my "Reasons to Improve" click HERE.

I can notice a slight difference in my body shape, but it's nowhere near as noticeable as Jason's transformation.  I don't want that to sound like I'm comparing myself, because I'm not.  I realize we're different and men shed the weight differently than women--- but part of my struggle is not really noticing the change in photos of myself.  It's my hurdle to get over... and it's a hard one.

I've lost 2.8 pounds so far this week, and I'm 20 away from meeting my goal.  If I can hunker down and do the work, I know I can make it.  The problem:  Birthday week is coming up... cake, unhealthy food, etc.  I haven't been doing that great at sticking to my nutrition goals... so I'm a bit nervous!  But I know that video will help me make it through...

So, here's to two months of some tough work...  I have a major milestone to look forward to if I can get my head in the game.

What do you think of making a video reminder of your weight loss goals?  Would you make one, why or why not?

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