Monday, January 21, 2013

Reasons to Improve

I got this idea from a post by my friend Haley over at Simple Yet Significant She did a post a while back where she wrote done some reasons for her fitness journey.  She wrote the list, printed it and posted the reasons through out her home, car and work cubicle to remind herself of her journey.

I think it's always good to stay positive when you're taking on a new adventure, like health and fitness, but sometimes it can get discouraging.  And that's why I'm taking her idea and making my own list of reasons why I started this weight loss journey... to remind myself why I got into it in the first place.

Here are my 50 reason to improve my health:

1.  To know what it's like to fit into a real pair of "Skinny Jeans."

2. To not pass down any weight-related health problems to my future kids.

3. To be able to walk up a flight of stairs and not be out of breath.

4.  To one day run a half marathon.

5.  To enjoy a hike without having to stop 30+ times to catch my breath.

6. To not develop diabetes.

7. To learn to enjoy food that's good for me.

8.  To be able to walk into a room with my head held high again.

9.  So I can stop worrying about whether or not my stomach is hanging out, or pouring over the side of my pants.

 10. To feel confident again.

11.  So I don't have to hear people call me fat in hushed whispers.

12.  So I can shop anywhere, and not just at the "Fat Girl" stores.

13.  To inspire others to find a healthier lifestyle.

14.  So I can take one of those before and after videos like on the "Biggest Loser."

15.  To have more energy.

16. To know what it's like to wear a sexy bikini

17.  So my skin will clear up.

18. To finally take control over my life.

19.  To find a different way to deal with my stress.

20.  So I won't have another crippling fat day.

21.  To be able to get on the scale and not cringe.

22.  To enjoy seeing myself in my underwear.

23. So I'll quit worrying what everyone else is thinking about my weight.

24.  To be happier with myself.

25.  To show my inner critic that I CAN lose the weight, and keep it off.

26.  To become something other than the "funny, fat friend."

27.  To keep up with my dog.

28.  So I can be picked up and carried by my boyfriend.

29. To look good in my future wedding pictures.

30.  So I can take a ballroom dancing class.

31.  To run and win the Amazing Race one day.

32. So I don't have to hear the person sitting next to me on the airplane sigh when I sit down.

33.  So I won't have to buy a whole row of seats on the airplane.

34.  So I won't have to use a seat belt extender on the airplane.
(flying is apparently stressful for me, who knew?)

35.  So people will quit asking me if I'm pregnant.

36.  So I can ride the swings at the State Fair again.

37.  To avoid the cravings to eat when I'm not hungry.

38.  To not care about McDonald's french fries, or how good they taste.

39. So I can go backpacking-- and not see it as a punishment.

40.  To connect with myself again.

41.  To be described as "Hot" for once.

42.  So Jason and I can hug, without our bellies getting in the way. 

43.  So I can actually enjoy shopping-- instead of dreading what size I've become.

44.  To be a size 14 again.

45.  To find a more positive outlook on life.

46.  To meet more positive people to surround myself with.

47.  To let people know the happy, healthy Kerstin.

48.  To teach my future kids how to live healthier lives.

49.  Having the confidence to be a little more outgoing in life.

50. To be able to ride a bike for long distances-- without stopping to catch my breath.

It's tough to sit down and write out a list of why you want to improve.  It took me about an hour of self reflection to come up with this list.  But it will be helpful down the road. And not only that, but it's therapeutic to write down those thoughts that swirl around your head when you're feeling down.

My next step is to print the list and stick it next to my mirror, as a daily reminder of why I am taking this journey.

What are some of your reasons for  bettering your life?  Do you think it's helpful to write them down and post them somewhere as a reminder? 

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