Monday, January 28, 2013

Review of Cindy Crawford: A New Dimension

The first phase of my new fitness journey is over, as most of you read last night.  And with the new set of workouts, comes a sad good-bye to one of my fitness pals Cindy Crawford.  But before I bid Ms. Crawford ado (for now), I wanted to give you guys my thoughts and feelings about her fitness DVD "A New Dimension"

In my opinion, this DVD is perfect for anyone who is new to fitness.  It's Cindy's 3rd workout video, which she made shortly after having her son.  In this video she collaborates with trainer Kathy Kaehler.  It moves in a slower paces than other videos I've tried, but it's very effective.

Now, the video is mostly geared toward women, with kegle exercises incorporated into all three workouts.  But my boyfriend did the video with me and thoroughly enjoyed it.  So men, don't skip over this one.

The DVD includes 3 separate exercises and an intro with Cindy talking about working out after pregnancy.

The first workout is about 12 minutes long.  It includes mainly stretching with some leg work, ab work, and kegels.

The second workout steps things up a bit.  It's 16 minutes long and includes a warm up, some cardio, legwork, pushups, ab work, kegels and a cool down.

The final workout is a full body, 41 minute workout.  It includes a warm up, arm work, leg work, 2 cardio sessions, pushups, ab work and a cool-down... oh and don't forget the kegels.  This is definitely a workout you need to work up to if you're not experienced, but the other workouts make it very easy to do this.

As for the production value of the DVD, it's pretty good.  There's some soft music, nothing too loud or over the top.  And the shots alternate between Cindy and Kathy working out together, and Cindy working out at the beach.  I didn't find it the least bit distracting, but then, I was more focused on my form than the video. :)

The one option I do wish the DVD had, was a music only option.  The instruction and commentary get a little old after the 4th or 5th time you've done the workout.

Otherwise, this is a great DVD.  I highly recommend it if you're looking to start your fitness journey, or are trying to get back into a routine.  Of course, you should consult your doctor before starting any fitness or diet program.

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