Saturday, May 11, 2013

DIY Dog Car Blanket

Some of my goals for 2013 included: Creating a Balanced, Organized lifestyle and Being more Creative.  To do both of those things, I've been cleaning out the house, the car, the garage and the yard.  I've also been spending more time on Pintrest.

I stumbled upon this pattern a WHILE ago, and ran out and bought all the materials to make it-- and last week, I finally got to sit down with my mom and put it together.  

I've been wanting to make a dog blanket for the backseat of the car for months now.  Basically ever since we started walking everyday with Khloe.  To tell you the truth-- she's an absolute mess, between the rolling in mud, dead animals and poop to the splashing in mud, water and a mixture of both to the constant shedding from the month of April through August.  It makes the car smell, and it's hard to clean.  So when I stumbled upon this pattern, I knew I needed to make it.

Original Tutorial can be found: HERE.

One thing I loved about the tutorial, was the woman who wrote it knew what she was doing.  She'd obviously written directions before.  With Pintrest you never know, right?  I did wind up making a few changes to the pattern, though...

1. I didn't make it a "Canopy" blanket.  Khloe likes standing on the center console way too much, and I'm pretty sure a canopy blanket would be torn up out of frustration.

2. My mom had be do a double stitch around the edge of the blanket.  So there was a row of stitching a quarter of an inch in to hold the blanket down.  Then there was a row of stitching on along the outside edge to reinforce the stitching and hold the edge down.

3. Instead of using a zig-zag to attach the straps to the back of the blanket, I stitch a square around the strap, and then stitch an x on the inside.  It holds just as well as the zig-zag stitch-- except I feel like it was easier.

This was an easy project once I had my mom help me figure it out--- what can I say?  She's my sewing security blanket :)  I really want to make a few more without the straps for the beach or picnics.  They're incredibly durable and thick, so there are no worries about getting your butt wet or dirty from sitting on the ground.

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