Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week Two Update

Week two... meh. 

The week started out with great.  Our momentum was great, we got up and worked out.  We even had a food schedule we were sticking to.... and then, we lost steam and ate WAY more than we should have.

I only met one of my goals this week.  Which is better than meeting none.  But then, things got sidetracked.  I had a stressful week at work... and then they changed up my schedule again.  The stress of the week, took over and I started eating my feelings. (Something I need to work on)

But, despite the stressful week, something wonderful did come out of this week.  I have transitioned into a full-time writing job at work.  I'll be working a night-time swing shift and a lot of the responsibility I had as a producer is gone.  I'm really excited for this change.  No more soul-numbing stress and more time to write, workout and spend time with my man and fur baby. I couldn't be happier with the change, and I know it will give me the push I need to move forward in my life plans.

Now, as for my fitness goals.  I wanted to eat consciously  add and extra workout day and take Khloe on a walk.  I did none of those.  But, that's ok.  Not every week can be perfect.  So, instead of dwelling on what I didn't do, I want to focus on what I did do this week:

  1. Found an awesome dog park near our house to take Khloe to before work so she can exercise
  2. Made it through two full body workouts without having to stop halfway through for breath
  3. Did my yoga routine with a little more ease
  4. Made a food schedule and a freezer full of healthy meals to take with me to work
I think those are some pretty great accomplishments.  And now for my goals this week:

First-- Do 4 full-body workouts this week.  (One of which I did this morning already!)
Second-- Stick to my meal plan.
Third-- Count my calories for at least one day
Finally-- Take Khloe to the dog park at least 2 days this week (one of which I've already done today!)

I feel really good about these goals, and my new schedule change.  I'm hoping it will lead to a more positive lifestyle.

Have you ever had a week that started out with good intentions and ended with nothing really getting wrong?  How did you make it through?  And how do you stay motivated?

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