Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week One Update

Week one of my new fitness journey was a success!  Jason and I managed to wake up every morning we were scheduled to workout, and get it done!  I'm really proud of the effort we made to get up and do our three scheduled workouts.  It shows big progress on both of our parts.

Usually, we are gung-ho, fitness junkies for the first part of the week.  But by the end of the week our energy and drive to keep going usually starts to fizzle.  That wasn't the case this week-- and I credit a lot of our success to keeping our goals small and attainable.

So for this week I'd like to add a few goals to challenge myself a little more:

FIRST-- I'd like to get on a regular eating schedule with snacks and stuff, so I don't find myself starving at 9 pm shoveling everything I can find into my face right before bed.  I have a meal plan I'll tell you about in another post.

SECOND-- I want to add one more full-body workout day, and one more yoga day this week.  I think we can step it up a bit, and really go for it.

THIRD-- I want to go on one walk with Khloe this week, in addition to the workouts.  It's time our little fur-child got active too!  So, this is the week we start her new "workouts" :)

There you have it, some new goals for a new week!

Are you working on a better you this year?  Is fitness one of the things your working on?  What are some of your goals for this week?  I'd love to hear from you!

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