Monday, March 18, 2013

Get Movin'

I've got an announcement for y'all... since starting "Operation: Sweatin' for Seoul" I have lost 2 pounds!  Even more exciting: since the end of February I've lost 12 pounds!  So exciting :)  (BTW:  Jason has lost 23 pounds, but that's another story)

I attribute much of my success so far to my commitment to keeping a food journal.  But, the other part of my success is by making sure I get moving every day.  That means we go for a walk, with our little pup :)

Above are some photos from our morning walks over the last month.  I've decided that right now what's best for me is to focus on my nutrition, and to make sure I'm able to get moving everyday.  For me, that means getting out for a nice brisk walk with the dog and the boy.  

We started out doing about 2.5 miles in an hour-- and have since worked our way up to 3 miles in less than an hour.  It feels good to get out and walk everyday.  I have more energy, and I just feel good.

We've gotten to see some great sights, as you can tell in my photos.  So my challenge to you this week, if you're just starting on a journey-- or if you've lapsed over the last few weeks is to start off simply, and get out for a walk every day this week.   You'll be amazed at how getting out every day makes you feel. and how far you can push yourself.

I'm hoping to get myself through the month walking every day... and then work in some higher intensity workouts by April.  We'll see how it goes :)

Are you planning to take the walking challenge this week?  What are some ways to you get yourself moving and motivated?

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