Friday, January 3, 2014

Hello 2014!

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2013 was a doosey for me!  There were a lot of really great things that came out of last year, and there were definitely struggles.  But I feel like I've come out the other side a stronger woman, ready to take on the new year!

First and foremost, I made the important decision in February to deal with my depression.  I've been seeing a therapist since then, and through the process I've gotten rid of some unnecessary baggage in my life.  Some of it was obvious baggage, some of it was stuff I didn't know was baggage until it was gone.  I feel really good, and am excited to continue my emotional journey.

This brings me to my list of goals I made at the beginning of last year.

Two of the goals on my list were 1.) To become a kinder, happier person.  And 2.) To put myself out there more.  I believe I have met, and excelled at these goals!  At the beginning of the year, I couldn't make it through a day without screaming or crying about something.  I didn't talk to anyone at work, or try to make friends... I was basically and all-around miserable person.   Through my therapy, I've managed to come out of my shell again.  I'm dealing with some deep-seeded issues, and I'm laughing more... which is always a good sign :)

Some other goals I met, or came close to:

Commit myself to TAWPS, and blog more.  If you've been following me since I re-launched the blog-- you'll notice I've done this more.  And my blogging has gotten better as I've gone along.  For the new year, I'd like to continue blogging more-- especially since I'll be in a new place.

Begin a weight loss journey that works for me, and lose 50 pounds.   The weight loss journey is still going strong, though it took a hiatus along with my blog writing.  I started with workout videos, and transitioned to a gym I love, with some walks and hikes sprinkled in the mix.  Zumba, Yoga, and Pilates are my new best friends, and I'm excited to spend more time with them in the new year.  As for the weight loss-- I came 10 pounds shy of my 50 pound goal.... not too shabby if you ask me!

Spend more time being creative.  I've noticed that the happier I've felt-- the more I've wanted to be crafty and creative.  It's really fed my soul, and challenged me to learn new things.  I'm excited to keep this up in 2014.

Spend more time outdoors.  Our bi-weekly walks and hikes really helped me spend some much-needed time off the couch.  It was great to get out and enjoy some of Portland's hidden gems.

Some of the things I didn't get to:

Begin Freelance Writing for Several Local Publications.  At the beginning of the year, this was really something I thought I wanted to do.  But after a few months, I realized I was happy with my blog-- and didn't need to write anywhere else.  Some of my web pieces for work have been picked up by national news stations (CNN), and I've been happy with that.

Take some art classes.  I didn't get to this one this year-- unless you count Zumba as a dance class :)  I would still like to take a few art/craft classes in the future.   We'll see if that happens this year.

Volunteer for the Animal Shelter.  This has been a goal of mine for several years now-- and yet my schedule never seems to fit the shelter's training schedule.  I'll get there one day!

7 out of 10 goals, ain't half bad!  Now let's talk about some of my goals for this year!

Work to stay connected with friends/family in Portland.  This is not my strong suit... and there are some great relationships I'm nervous about losing with the big move.  I want to make my best effort to keep that from happening, while making some new friends in Sac-Town.

Continue my weight loss journey.  The gym I'm at now has a location in Sacramento-- which is good, because I can keep going to the classes I love.  It's important that I keep up with my weight loss goals, because I have quite a big journey left!

Lose another 50 pounds.  50 seems like a good goal, factoring in all the change and emotional challenges that will be coming my way.  I'd like to exceed this goal, since I missed it by 10 pounds this year!  I think that's entirely do-able.

Master the art of letter writing/care package sending.  I know we live in the days of Skype and Face-Time, but there's something to be said for sending your loved one an awesome care packaged or a sweet, sweet letter.  With Jason gone, and me away from some of my favorite kiddos-- I will have lots of practice!

Create and keep a memory jar.
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Have you seen this on Pintrest?  I think it's such a great idea!  Jason and I have started one for 2014.  We'll be writing down funny stories, memories, accomplishments, surprises, and moments of gratitude.... on NYE we'll read them to each other, so we can share the adventures we've had while we were worlds away.

Explore My New Surroundings.  Northern California is something special, and I can't wait to explore it!  I will be just moments from Wine Country, San Francisco, Tahoe, The Sierras, The Redwoods (a bit farther), Yosemite (even farther), and I would be a fool not to take advantage of it!  I really need to start a Pintrest board!

Save Money to Visit Jason.  Something we've been talking about since he decided to go to S. Korea, was to take a trip after his contract ended.  We want to do 3 weeks in Asia (we've already started a Pintrest board.)  1 week each in: S. Korea, Japan and China.  Now I just have to save up to make sure that happens!

Those are my goals this year-- a little different feel from last year, with some familiar faces thrown in!

What goals do you have for this year?  Do you want to lose weight, quit smoking, be more adventurous?  Explain your reasoning for your goals in the comment section below!  I'd love to hear from you.

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