Thursday, April 24, 2014

Good Morning & Good Night Yoga

One of the habits I've picked up over the last month takes up a total of 45 minutes of my day.  I had just started getting back into my fitness routine, when I noticed my body getting really tight.  So, I decided to start doing a short Yoga routine every morning.

I love this routine-- it's short and the instructors voice is very calming.  After searching through several different routines, I found this one.

I've found the benefits of this morning yoga routine to be great.  I feel more energized in the morning, and ready to face the day.  My body feels relaxed and by head is clear to start the day.  It's been an amazing way to start the day.

After a few days of morning yoga-- I decided to add a bed time routine to my day.

I'm using this video for now-- but I'm still searching for a better one.  I love bed time yoga because it relaxes me and helps me sleep so much better.  This video is ok... but the woman talks too much for my taste.  I think the video would be better if it was short and sweet, just like the morning routine.

I love yoga!  It's such a great way to get centered and clear your mind for the day-- and again at night before falling asleep.  These routines are not for fitness-- they're designed to take a few moments everyday to yourself, to clear your mind and help yourself relax so you can start and end your day.

If you're interested in some fitness routines-- check out Yoga by Candace.  She has several great videos, tips and healthy recipes.

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