Monday, May 20, 2013

Fat Yoga?

I don't know about the rest of my curvy and meaty friends out there, but if you're anything like me you sometimes get frustrated while working out at the gym.

It's not so much about the fact that I'm surrounded by skinnier counterparts.  I could honestly care less about that, because we're all there with the same goal in mind: to get healthy.  For me, it's the frustration of not being able to do some of the workout moves to the fullest.  Especially in yoga.

Courtesy: Easy Yoga Workouts

I'm am by no means the most flexible person in the world, and I don't claim to be.  But I do get frustrated when my stomach gets in the way of my ability to do certain poses or moves correctly or comfortably.

Just last week, I told my new favorite workout buddy that I "won't be able to do that pose until this goes away," then I shook my belly fat.

Later this week at work one of our reporters did this story:

You can read more about this story, here.

What an awesome idea.  I love the fact that A.) This woman took it upon herself to create a space where she would feel more comfortable practicing yoga.  And B.) That despite the fact that it's called "Fat Yoga," it's open to everyone.  Awesome, right?

Of course after seeing this story, I just had to do some research.  I went to the "Fat Yoga" website to learn more... 

You can do the same by clicking, here

This studio has several different levels of classes and is opened most days.  They're located in Southeast Portland off Foster, if you're local and wanting to check it out.

The one thing about the studio that caught my eye, and sort of turned me off were the prices:

Courtesy: Fat Yoga

Maybe it's just because I'm paying $10 a month for pretty good classes at Crunch... but I got a bit of sticker shock!  I don't know a lot about yoga studios, so maybe that is standard pricing (and I'm probably sounding a bit like a cheap skate right now, but oh well)

After discovering "Fat Yoga," something incredible happened to me the next time I was in class... I was actually able to do one of the moves that had been giving me trouble!  Pretty crazy, right?  I decided, because of my progress, I'm going to stick out my Wednesday class of regular-sized Yogis....

But one of these days, I'm going to grab $15 and give Fat Yoga a try.

What do you think about "Fat Yoga?"  Is it a good thing, or just another way for "fat" people to isolate themselves?  Have you heard of any other "Fat" sports studios?  I'd love to hear more about them and/or check them out!  Tell me more about what you think in the comment section below.


  1. I love yoga. Just last night, I was doing yoga at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. I modify poses myself to fit all my parts comfortably. I also wanted to start a Twitter trend called #myfatwashere. People taking pictures of themselves doing cool things. :) I also teach pole dance. The studio isn't geared just toward fat dancers but I gear my class to be open for everyone. Pole dance is for everyBODY. :)

    1. That's right! I think people forget that no matter their size, they can do amazing things. Thanks for the feedback!


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