Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lesson Learned, Hopefully!

I've finally recovered enough from birthday week, to come out of my rabbit hole and address you lovely people!  I've got to say, I'm really impressed by how many of you continued to check back here to see if I'd written anything over the last two weeks... it made me feel really special and loved, and frankly, like I should get back to business and actually write something for you to read.

Honestly, I have to say, I was a bit embarrassed to confess how much I let myself go during "Birthday Week."  We ate a lot of things that were deliciously bad for us, and I gained back 4 pounds.

FOUR POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!

Most of that weight was water, held in my body by all the salt I ate during the week.  And, I realized exactly how I got in this mess in the first place, and how quickly it can happen.  The good news?  After a few days of eating right and heading back to the gym, the bloating went down and I stepped back on the scale.  0.5 pounds of weight gain to work back off.

I hold myself entirely responsible for the food choices I made during Birthday Week.  I honestly put caution to the wind-- and I'm surprised I didn't do more damage to my weight.  I did a hell of a lot of damage to my digestive system.  I had a stomach ache for a week... from all the sugar in my system.

So after a week of crazy eating, and another week of recovery-- I've learned some valuable lessons.  First, crazy overindulgence eating is no joke.  And my body doesn't process food the way I used to.  It's like drinking... too much and you're stuck with a two-day hangover.  AND, it's not worth it!  It makes me feel crappy and sends me two steps back on my goals.

Earlier this week, we also learned that Jason will have to apply for his spring trip to South Korea in October.  That means, that potentially, he will have three months to lose the rest of weight (we're waiting on confirmation from his recruiter).

After learning the news, Jason and I made a decision during our hike on Rocky Bute (pictured above)-- we're going to buckle down and knock out these pounds.

To do that---

1.) I'm going to get myself back in the habit of logging what I eat.  I stopped doing that during birthday week-- I wanted to eat blissfully ignorant to the number of calories I was consuming.

2.) Up the workout-ante!  I'm going back to a 4-day a week gym regimen.  I cut out Wednesday yoga, because I wasn't a fan of the instructor, but I haven't made it to Tuesday night yoga because it always conflicts with my schedule.  And I've noticed the difference it's made to my body.  I'm less relaxed and my muscles are tighter-- so I'm going to add Wednesday yoga back in the mix-- along with a workout video on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

3.) Get outside, EVERYDAY!  It's summer in the Northwest folks-- the best place to be in the summer.  And that means I need to get out and walk Khloe-- or ride my sweet new bike around town and burn some calories-- and post my activity on Facebook and Twitter to hold myself accountable (I'm expecting you guys to hold me accountable too)-- What, you haven't liked my Facebook page?  Oh, and you're not following me on twitter....  well you can do both by clicking on the icons to the right of your screen.  (Like how I just slipped that in there?)

4.) AND FINALLY-- I bought myself a motivation dress last week.  I've been wanting this dress since it was first hung on the rack this spring.  Then, I finally got the money to pay the $70 for it.... but when I went to buy it, it had been marked down to $20!  SOLD!  The only problem:  it's a size or two too small.  But never fear-- it's my motivation to lose the weight.  So now, it's hanging on my door as a constant reminder to get up and go to the gym!

There you have it folks!  My weekly update.  I'm really hoping I've learned my lessons about overdoing it with food... but it's the learning process, so there's bound to be some mistakes ahead.

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