Monday, July 22, 2013

Visual Encouragement

Today I want to talk about visual encouragement.  I'm a visual learner, which means I need to see what your talking about to grasp the concept.  Not in all cases, but in things like crafts or sometimes my job-- it's helpful for me to see examples so I can grasp the concept.

The same thing is true of weight loss.  You may have noticed that every month, around the same time-- I've been posting visual updates of how I look.  That's so I can SEE my weight loss progress.  It's certainly helpful to feel the difference, and see the number drop on the scale-- but I also like to see how my body has changed so far.

Here is this month's picture...

I can definitely see that my stomach is slimmed down.  Though, why I chose to wear a sweatshirt in the very first weight loss photo, I can't for the life of be remember.  My face has slimmed down and I'm not as wide when you look at me straight on.  Also, don't look as red and puffy.  I think taking these pictures is really helpful when I look back at where I've been, and how far I've come.

When I first started this journey, I did a lot of research on Pintrest about different ways to visualize your goals.  One of my favorites was the image below.

Courtesy: Model My
The website is called "Model My Diet"  Basically, you type in your weight now and what your goal weight is and it comes up with a virtual before and after picture for you.  You can spin your before and after images around using the left and right buttons underneath them to give yourself a 360-degree view.  I really liked this site when I first started because it gave me an image of what I could work to.  This was in the pre-photo stage of our journey.

Another visual image I liked but have yet to try is this...

Courtesy: Hot Mess
This is another form of visual encouragement that is also active.  You have to place the marbles in the "Pounds Lost" jar every time you lose some weight.  I also like it because, it's a constant reminder that you're on a mission.  The only con, in my world, is what do you do with the vase and the marbles once you've lost the weight?

The final visual reminder I found and liked is this...

This is another Pintrest idea, but I couldn't find where it originally came from, because the website listed is corrupt.  But I liked it because it's useful once you've lost the weight.  Basically, you put a dollar in the jar for every pound you lose... and once you lose the weight, you use the money to buy yourself some new clothes.  The only reason Jason and I decided not to go with this idea, was because we're strapped for cash right now and we didn't want to tie ourselves into paying a dollar, when we couldn't really afford it at the moment.

There are all sorts of ways to visually remind yourself about your journey, and to keep yourself motivated.  Do you have a unique way to visually encourage yourself, or to keep yourself motivated?  What are they?  I would love to hear from you, leave your comments below!


  1. These are amazing ideas!!! And you look incredible!!

    1. Awe! Thanks Laura! It's been a long hard road, but I'm feeling great :)


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