Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shedding our Fat Wardrobe

On Sunday, I wrote about how Jason and I got some great support for our weight loss goals over the weekend at his sister's baby shower.  It was amazing to get such positive feed back, and it made me really want to go hard again at our workouts (something I've been slacking on for the past 3 weeks)

While I try to re-figure my workout and nutrition routines, I'm turning to you my loyal readers for some help.

Getting fit can be quite expensive, from the food to the gym membership to the replacing of over-worn workout shoes all the way to the buying of new clothes when the old ones are just too big.  It's a lot of money-- and that's something we don't have a lot of right now as we continue to pay off our debt and work to save for Jason's trip to Korea...

So that's where you come in.   Now, I'm not one to ask for help-- even when it's needed.  But through my work so far to transform myself on the inside and the outside, I've learned that you can't do it alone.  So I am swallowing my pride...

I've created a page on "Go Fund Me" asking for your donations to help Jason and I buy our "in between" clothes.  Those are the clothes we will wear to work and around town as we continue to shed the weight.  When we move to the next size down, those clothes will be donated to people in need.

You can read more about our story, on the website.   And I will be updating you with pictures and posts about our progress there, as well as on this blog, my Facbook page and twitter account.

Please don't feel pressured to donate if can't afford it, but if you can help know that any amount helps and both Jason and I will greatly appreciate it!  Thanks in advance for helping us make it through this journey, we're so lucky to have such wonderful and supportive friends and family!

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