Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pressed Penny Magnets

I have a confession my friends, I'm a total nerd when I travel.  I collect smashed pennies!  Wherever I go, if there's a penny machine I have to have one.  Some people collect pens or shot glasses-- I collect pennies.

I've been doing this since I was a kid, which means I have TONS of pennies!  Jason and I broke down and bought a penny passport to store all of our pennies at one point.  But at one point we had so many we had to triple up on slots.  And I wanted to do something different with them.  So I emptied out the passport, and did some thinking...

After a minute or two of thinking, and a trip around Pintrest I still hadn't gotten a great idea.  Then-- while I was grabbing some water to quench my thirst, I had it.  My fridge is full of plain, round magnets that I bought in college when I wanted to create my own magnets and never got around to do it.  But, now I could do it using my pennies.

I grabbed my stack of magnets, sifted through the pennies to find the ones I wanted to used, and my glue gun to put everything together.  Then you guessed it:  add some glue to the magnet and press the penny on top of the glue.  I made about 15 magnets and I think they look pretty good on my fridge:

Cool huh?  I still have a pile of pennies I need to do something with.  Maybe I'll try this:

I'll have to learn how to punch holes into metal if I choose this option.  We'll see.

Do you collect anything when you travel?  How do you display your collectibles at home?

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