Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Oh Baby! Receiving Blankets

Today's post is all about the littles your friends and siblings are bringing into this world-- and an easy gift for them in their first few months of life.blankets for them.  Our lives are full of littles right now.  In fact, Jason's sister just had a baby girl last month-- making us and auntie and uncle yet again!  And with that, I got inspired.

These are incredibly easy blankets you can put together in a matter of minutes.  All you need are two yards of flannel!

My crafty-ass cousin taught me how to make these when I was still living in Portland.  But of course, the next time I wanted to make one I had forgotten the specifics.  Thank goodness for Pinterest, because I found a tutorial to act as a quick reminder.  You can find that tutorial here.

You can do this any way you like-- with the same color flannel on both sides, a solid and a pattern, two patterns.... the possibilities are endless.  I tend to choose a solid and a pattern, or two patterns just to give it some character.  Above you can see my most recent choices-- though I think I got lucky finding two patterns with similar color schemes.  Joann's-- or Fabric Depot for my Portland peeps-- has some great flannel choices.

This pattern is pretty easy to follow, and there aren't many adjustments I make to it.  The only thing I like to do is top stitch a little closer to the edge.  But that's it.  Simple!

We sent one of these up to Jason's sister recently, with a few new outfits-- because baby clothes are so damn cute.  You can see her sporting her "Cactus Pete" blanket below.  Guess who picked that fabric out?  *cough, Uncle Jason *cough, cough.

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