Friday, November 1, 2013

Creative Pumpkin Carving

This year, all of our pumpkin carving ideas came from a little website I like to call "Pintrest."  I've been brainstorming, and pinning ideas since last October.  I don't know if you know this about me... but I love Halloween.

I'm going to give you a look at some of the pumpkins we carved on Tuesday... and show you the inspiration behind them.   Maybe you can use them next year.

The Pirate

Courtesy: Michael T. Ruhl
I loved this pumpkin, and I wanted to do something similar.  You'll notice that all of this year's pumpkins have a bit of anger in them.  I think we were going to for spooky this year :)

My pirate doesn't have any teeth though.

The Toothpick Jack-O-Lantern

Courtesy: Love This Pic
The moment I saw this idea, I knew we were going to re-create it this year.  Thankfully, Jason liked the idea too-- because I talked him into making his pumpkin look like this one.  He even said, "I like this one, because I don't have to fuss over the mouth."

I think he did a pretty good job, don't you?

The Hungry, Hungry Pumpkin

Courtesy: Spoonful
I've seen this guy done several different ways-- and when I saw the mini-pumpkins at the farm I knew this is the one I wanted to do.... only with my own twist, of course!

This one looks good in the light... not so much in the dark.

Here's some behind the scenes looks at our pumpkin carving extravaganza.

We put on a few Halloween movies (It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Hocus Pocus) and had a nice little afternoon of fun.  I love this time of year!

**Unfortunately, on Halloween some jerk kids in our neighborhood smashed the Pirate and the toothy pumpkin.

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