Friday, November 1, 2013

Haunted Portland Tour

Earlier this week, we visited a few "Graveyards" in our fair city as part of the Halloween Advent Calendar.  It was really impressed to see that some of our fellow Portlanders have the Halloween spirit-- since our effort to drive around and find cool Halloween displays this year was a bit of a failure.

The Davis Graveyard

This awesome house is located in Milwaukie-- right outside of Portand.  It's known as the Davis Graveyard.  A cool fact about it, the family that owns this house makes all of the tombstones themselves.  They've been doing it for nearly two decades-- and they even offer classes during the summer.  It's pretty cool.  Jason and I kept joking that eventually, we'll turn into a home like this when we finally own one.

Witch Creek Cemetery

This display is located in Gresham.  Similar idea as the one above-- except on a smaller scale. The Witch Creek Cemetery isn't as well known-- but it is pretty cool.  I was impressed with the special affects, and the fact that they had them on everyday that week.  Unlike the Davis Graveyard.

Both cemeteries are open until tomorrow night-- so if you're in the area and interested in checking them out, you should.  Both are open until 11pm.

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