Thursday, September 17, 2015

Early Grape Harvest

The third story I field produced for CBS 13 was my favorite so far!  Late last month, I got the chance to head up to Amador County to talk to a winery about the early grape harvest and the impact it's having on California's wine country.  Grapes came in about a month early, partially because of the drought and partially because there was an early harvest last year.

My pal Peter and I headed up into the foothills to Terra d'Oro to get some answers about the early grape harvest.  It was the first day they were harvesting Zinfandel grapes, and we got to see the pickers in action.  I also got to learn just how winemakers know the grapes are ready for harvest, and what to look for in the taste of the grapes.  We also got a tour of the winery, and a look at the process once the grapes are harvested.

It was a great day, and it ultimately made for a great story:

This story originally aired on August 21st during our 6 o'clock news.  You can read the web article here.

Amador County is incredibly beautiful, despite the fact that it's been ravaged by the drought and the only green parts are the wine grapes.  The wine grown in the region is delicious as well, and even though it's not as well known as Napa, it's worth checking out if you're ever in Northern California.  To learn more about Amador County Wine Country, and the different wineries that call it home-- you can click this link.

I'm having so much fun field producing these stories, and I'll have much more to share with you throughout the fall as I continue to turn stories on Thursday Night Football days-- thanks for the new experiences NFL! 

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