Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Big Gains & Small Victories

Happy June Lovelies!

Man did the month of May get away from me.  I really wanted to get a jump start on my fitness and healthy living, but instead I got sick from stress and gained 10 pounds.   But you know what?  It was just an important reminder to myself that I need to find better was to relieve my stress, and let things go.

We finally started getting our fitness on this week!  It's crazy just how good you feel, and how much energy you have when you eat well and workout-- and I don't know about you, but I always wonder why I wasn't doing it all along.  But sometimes, finding the motivation is half the battle.

When I stepped on the scale today, following my May from hell-- it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, though I still gained weight.  But I learned some things from my mistakes and have made some goals for myself for this month.

No More Eating After Work.  The biggest culprit behind my weight gain was eating Taco Bell, McDonald's and much more after work, because I was stressed and I am an emotional eater.  But I need to find better ways to de-stress, that don't include food.  And my first challenge to myself is going to be not to eat after work.

Workout at Least 3 Times a Week.  We've been trying to do a good job of at least walking Khloe every day before work.  But I'd like to add a few workouts to that regiment.  We've canceled our gym membership, because we're trying to save money for our wedding-- but we busted out some workout DVDs and have started adding them to our walks.

Continue Meal Planning.  I am only successful when I have healthy food around me, and a plan for my meals-- otherwise, I will go to a fast food restaurant and order way too much food to stuff into my mouth.  So, as we continue our fitness journey, I will continue to plan our meals.

We're shooting our engagement photos at the end of the month, so the goal is to lose the 10 pounds I gained last month, at least.

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