Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Day at the Oregon Zoo

Hello everyone!  I feel like before I get into the fun of this post, I should talk about where I've been.  I feel like such a jerk for posting nearly everyday, and then disappearing for a little over a week with no so much as a peep.  This blog re-vamp is getting the best of me to be quite honest.  I'm excited to be combining new and old content and posting on a regular basis.  But I'm still trying to figure out what the best posting schedule is for me while they continue to change my schedule at work.  I decided a little break would be good from posting, while I figured things out.  And I hope you'll continue to stick with me while I get myself back into writing everyday.

Now onto the fun part!  We had a gorgeous, almost spring-like day here in Portland last week-- and if you live in the Northwest, you know you have to cherish any sunny day mother nature throws your way...

Jason and I took advantage of the semi-warm weather, and finally ventured to the Oregon Zoo.  I've been dying to go for the past few months, ever since the baby elephant was born right after Thanksgiving.  After several failed attempts and scheduling conflicts-- we finally hopped on the max and made it to the zoo.

Baby Lily was our first stop on this Tour de Animals.  I made Jason practically run through the zoo to get to the elephant exhibit so we could spend as much time as possible watching this rambunctious little girl run around and play in the sand.  (I'll admit, sometimes when I'm having a bad day I go to the Zoo's Youtube channel and watch videos of Lily playing to cheer me up)

We spent the rest of the day walking around, enjoying all the other animals at the zoo.  Sadly, when we walked by the Otter Exhibit, we didn't get to see Eddie slam-dunking any basketballs

But, it was the perfect day none-the-less.  If you're ever in Portland, make a day to visit our zoo-- and if you can try to make sure you get one of these perfect sunny days, when no one's around like we did.

What's you're favorite thing to do on a sunny winter day?  Have you ever been to the Oregon Zoo? If so, what's your favorite exhibit?

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