Friday, April 11, 2014

California Beach Day

When Jason finally got to California-- we decided our first order of business would be to visit the coast.  We didn't really have anywhere specific we wanted to go-- but my family recommended Bodega Bay. So we packed a lunch, harnessed up the dog, and made the drive to the beach.

When we got there-- there was no beach to be found :)  So we found the visitor center and asked where we could find the sand.  The woman was not that excited to hear we had a dog-- and something about California's beaches that is different from Oregon's...

  • You have to pay to park at some beaches.
  • Dogs aren't welcome at every beach, and even when they are they have to stay on the beach.
  • The sand is much more course and loose than the sand in Oregon-- making it more difficult to walk in.
  • The beach itself does not stretch for miles and miles-- it's separated by giant rocky cliffs.

We stopped at school house beach.  Pretty, right?  It was a gorgeous day at the beach-- and despite the threat of a $1,400 fine, we let Khloe off the leash.  What can I say, she was raised a beach girl-- and when she sees sand, she just wants to run and play and roll in it.

We spent about an hour walking up the beach, enjoying the sun.  Khloe chased the waves-- and found some smelly stuff to roll in-- of course.

After our walk on the beach-- we decided it would be fun to see a bit of Highway 1.  We drove up the coastline and took in the views.  Highway 1 is incredibly windy-- and honestly there isn't much along it.

We drove and drove and drove, until we finally decided it was time to head home-- and we turned on the next available road that cuts across to Highway 101.  The map made the road look flat and short.  It wasn't.  It took us up the mountains and winding around the forest.  Of course-- by the time we made it up the first hill the gas light came on... launching the 30 minute argument about whether we were going to make it out alive :)

We did make it out alive-- and popped out in Sonoma!   It was absolutely gorgeous.  I'll have to make another trip to test out some of the wineries.  Jason isn't much of a winery guy, so I didn't want to put him through that...

It was an incredibly great day, and it just made me want to see more of California!

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