Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Productive Weekend!

Happy Sunday lovely people.  It's been quite the weekend! I spent all day Friday off of work, sleeping in bed and watching hours of movies.    It was exactly what I needed after work, work, working super hard on different shifts.  I was feeling so beat and worn down, I just needed some time to sleep...

I woke up on Saturday feeling refreshed and ready to do some much needed work in the yard.  The grass was so overgrown--after the lawn mower broke.  The new one showed up on Friday-- Thank God!  It took me two hours for me to slice through the long-ass grass in the front and backyard.

Look at that beautiful mow job!  Boy am I amazing! :)  Ok not really, there are still some long blades mixed in with the newly cut grass.... but I'll get there.

After my successful mow job, I did some weeding and planting of my edible garden.  This is the first house Jason and I have rented that had actual flower beds that were taken care of. And because of that, all I had to do was weed it and plan a few vegetable starts.

Strawberries, herbs, sweet peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, zucchini, squash and cucumbers.  I had to stop myself from buying an avocado tree.  If I had my way, I would have a full garden with every fruit and vegetable you could imagine.... but I'm not the greatest gardener-- so I thought I would start small.  If all goes well, I'll plant some more next year!

Did I mention that I'm dog sitting this weekend?  And that the dogs helped me dig up the weeds and mow the lawn?  Well the did.  We spent the rest of last night hanging in the backyard and enjoying the sunshine-- with a side of burger and beer.  Yum!  It's starting to feel like summer already,  well Oregon summer.

As for my health progress, I actually made it to Zumba on Monday... then I spent the rest of the week being unproductive.  Except that I started each day with some yoga.  So there!  My meal planning skills were at play this week-- I had a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack every day this week-- which made me fell really great.

I didn't make it to the other gym classes because I was helping one of my coworkers celebrate her birthday at two separate dinner celebrations :)  It was really fun getting to know my coworkers-- and I didn't feel too bad ditching the gym.  This week I'm hoping to hit two Zumba classes, a Yoga class, and a hard core walk on the river front trail.

The next three weekends will be full of family.  My aunt is coming down to celebrate Easter, my sister in law is coming down to celebrate her birthday, and my mom is coming to visit the next weekend.  I'm hoping to do some more exploring, there's just so much to see!

I hope you're all having a great weekend!

I realized I haven't been properly setting up my tweets, but this week-- I will give you a heads up on all my posts so you can enjoy them :)

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