Sunday, August 25, 2013

Baby Steps

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It's crazy how much can change in the course of two weeks.  The last time I wrote an update, I was heading to Montana to visit my friend Justine for her birthday.  Now, we're not speaking.  I'm really not going to go into the hairy details, because I don't believe in involving the whole world in my business (But didn't I just mention it on my blog?), but I will say it was a moment that reminded me of how far I've come emotionally.

The old Kerstin would have been an emotional mess, and probably would have called in sick to work the Thursday after returning home to wallow in sorrow on the couch.  The new Kerstin, picked herself up, got her stuff and enjoyed the rest of her trip.  Am I happy about the way things happened, and what was said?  Of course not.  But I'm also not going to kill myself over-analyzing everything that was said.

It feels good to know that all of my hard work has paid off.  I feel capable of handling anything that comes my way....

But don't let my happiness fool you for a second, during the course of this unfortunate series of events I did realize that there are still a few areas in my emotional well being that can use some work.  Baby steps folks! However, that realization right there shows progress, and it just keeps reinforcing my decision to seek help and focus on myself for the year.


Ok... now that I've given you a little emotional update, let's get to my weight.

I haven't lost or gained anything in a week.  In fact, I've spent a lot of time decompressing from my Montana trip.  Between trying to catch up on my sleep, to my canning lessons with my aunt yesterday, I've been skipping the gym.  But things will get back on track tomorrow.

My slow and steady progress has been hard to deal with, since I haven't seen the results I want.  But then, I haven't been trying as hard as I need to either.  I'm getting nervous for the season of eating, otherwise known as Fall.   My will power has been dwindling since Birthday week, nearly TWO MONTHS ago-- and I'm struggling to get back on track.  I think it might be time to do a little reflection, and remind myself why I started doing this in the first place!

I hope everyone out there is having a fantastic weekend.  Until next week's update...

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