Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Powell Butte

Earlier this year, I wrote about a hike Jason and I took on Powell Butte.  Since then, we've really gotten a chance to explore the butte-- and we try to take a hike up it at least once a week.  Because of that fact, I wanted to wrap up my month of highlighting some of my favorite Portland hikes on the 40 Mile Loop, by revisiting Powell Butte.

Courtesy: Neighborhood Notes
Our standby hike starts at the trail entrance on 136th Avenue in southeast Portland.  It connects to the main trail, which takes you up a steady climb to the top of the butte.  From there you can choose to do the Orchard Loop, or follow one of several trails that take you around the backside of the butte and connect to the Springwater Trail Corridor.

The thing I love most about Powell Butte, is that it's right in my backyard.  Literally, I can walk a mile from my house and be in the woods.  It's the perfect escape from the craziness that can sometimes be my neighborhood.

I also love, that no hike is the same on Powell Butte.  Much like Forest Park,  there are several entrances and trail off-shoots that you can make it a completely different hike every time.

I also love this view!  I will never get tired of looking at Mount Hood from almost every angle  :)

A lot of runners, walkers and cyclists use this butte.  People also love to walk their dogs, and many don't keep them on a leash... so be careful if you're a pet owner.

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