Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Surprise, Surprise!

So, Jason came home a week early from South Korea-- completely surprised me at work, in front of all of my Coworkers.  The timing was particularly lovely, since I was having a pretty crappy day.  To make matters even more special, one of our photogs was rolling on the whole things (the dangers of working in a television newsroom).  Take a look, the good part starts about 1:30 in:

He got me, I must admit!  The funny thing about all of this is that I was pretty sure I had figured out when he was coming home, but the bastard was lying to me the whole time!  In fact all of my family, friends and even some of my coworkers knew when he was coming home-- so everyone lied to me!  But in the end, the surprise outweighed the lies.

So here's what happened from my perspective.  Work had been incredibly stressful.  Basically, it was one of those Murphy's Law kind of days-- everything that can go wrong, did.  I was slated to go out for dinner with some work friends, and was told to dress up.  After my show, I walked out of the booth hoping to grab my things and make a run for the door-- when my executive producer stopped me and asked me to quickly write a story on gas prices for the 6 O'clock show.

"Great." I thought, "Just pile it on to the worst day ever."  I sat back down at my desk to log the video, writing verbatim for the sound and getting time code for the editors to put it together quickly-- not knowing that Jason was going to be one of the interviews.  How could I know, he wasn't supposed to be home for another week!  (Here's a look at the interview video)

When I got to his interview, I wasn't watching it closely... I was listening for the name to write it down, and then I heard: Jason Tomlinson.  It couldn't be my Jason Tomlinson-- because he was still in South Korea.  Crazy coincidence, right?  Then he started to spell his name.  J-A...  That voice sounded so familiar.. S-O... I finally took my eyes off my script and looked at the video.  I did a double take, because that couldn't be my Jason....

But when I turned around, there he was, exactly a year after I dropped him off at the airport to leave for South Korea-- and wearing the same outfit.  The rest was captured on video.  Once I got over the shock of things, I think I said, "Wow, so when you propose are you going to hire a marching band and some acrobats!"  I can be such a brat sometimes.

It's been so great having Jason home!  And his early arrival allowed him to sleep off the Jetlag and get some interviews out of the way before I went on vacation so we could just enjoy each other.  I'll regale you with some of our adventures around California this week.

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