Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pickin' Some Pumpkins!

It's getting close to Halloween!  And you know what that means... it's about that time to put on the rain boots and head to Sauvie Island and pick out a pumpkin!  (For those of you not from the Portland Area-- Sauvie Island is home to several U-Pick farms where you can go to pick fresh fruits, veggies, flowers, etc.... and in the fall, Pumpkins)

This year my friend Jessica from work, hopped in the car and came with us as part of our Day 22 activity on the Halloween Advent Calendar!

"The Pumpkin Patch" has more than just pumpkins.  There's a cute little store, a corn maze, a hay pyramid, a barn full of animals, a hay ride.... and much, much more.

Before heading out to find the perfect pumpkins-- we strolled around the main farm area and enjoyed the fantastic weather.

We've been blessed with blue skies, sunshine and 70-degree days.  It's been an amazing treat, during a time when they rain is usually falling.

After walking around a bit-- we hopped on a bale of hay and rode out to the pumpkin patch.  It's been quite a while since I've taking a hay ride... but it was free, so what the heck!   

It was Buuuuuuuuuuuummmmmpy!

There were several times I felt like I was going to fall off...  and my dainty, white skin was melting in the hot sun (geeze, I sound like a wuss)... but all in all, it was fun!

It took a little searching to find the perfect pumpkins... most of them had dried out and rotted because of the lack of rain this year....

But in the end, we found a good batch of pumpkins to bring home and carve up-- which we're doing today (Day 23 activity!)  I'll have more on our pumpkins tomorrow on the good ole blog!

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