Thursday, October 24, 2013

5 Fun & Easy Halloween Decorations

In case you haven't caught on, this entire month has a Halloween theme.   From my recipes, to our outings, to the crafts that I've been doing-- everything has to do with my favorite month of the year.  Today, I want to bring you some of my favorite decorations I've made this year.  I'll tell you right now, all of these ideas came from Pintrest.

Monsters in the Window

We have a big picture window, and every year I struggle with what to put in it.  Last year we hung cobwebs and a sign that said "Happy Halloween."  And every time I passed it, I groaned... because it just didn't fit.  Then this year, while perusing Pintrest I came across this:

Courtesy: Lee Ream
From what I could gather, the couple who did this had a bunch of left over boxes from moving-- so they cut them into monster shapes and placed the boxes in the window.  I loved the monsters-- and the idea so much, I stole it.

We have a ton of moving boxes in our garage from when we moved in to our house, and though I know we'll need them if Jason gets accepted to teach English in South Korea-- this awesome Halloween idea seemed more important.  Priorities right?

Basically, we drew our monster shapes on to the cardboard, cut them out-- and then used colored tissue paper for the eyes, mouths, etc.  We've gotten a lot of compliments from neighbors and kids who ride buy our house.

Peek-a-Boo Eyes

Along with the front window-- the garage has been another spot that taunts me when it comes to decorating.  It's so damn big and right in the front of the house!  Last year we didn't put anything on it.  But this year,  knew I wanted to do something.  So I reasearched "Garage Door Decorations" just to get some ideas....

Courtesy:  Wisteria Garden Circle
We don't have windows in our garage.... but if we ever own a house, I would get them just for this!  

Courtesy: Better Homes & Gardens
This one was a real contender, until I decided it was too many small pieces for me to try and attach to the garage by myself.  

And then I found this...

Courtesy: Pintrest
As soon as I saw it, I knew I could recreate it on our garage....

I used three garbage bags taped together to make the black space.  Then I cut out some hands (also out of garbage bags) and taped them to the garage.  I found some orange & black construction paper and attached them to the bags.  Now it looks like some monster is peaking out of the garage.  The woman across the street shouted, "Nice job!  Looking great!"  So I can only assume our house is the coolest on the street :)  Plus it's the only one that's really decorated.

Broomstick Parking

This next craft is the combination of two ideas:

Courtesy: Better Homes & Gardens                                                                                           Courtesy: Bead & Cord
I love both of these ideas for different reasons.  The spacing of the one on the left, and the placing of the brooms in the one on the right.  So I combined them.  

I painted up a wood plaque I bought at a craft store.  Then free-handed the witch parking verbiage.  And traced a drawing of a witch I found on Pintrest.  And voila!  I used some extra brooms we had around the house-- and bought 2 decorative brooms from a craft store for $5 total, on sale!

Flying Bats

Let's head inside for the last two project ideas.  Jason and I have what we call "a doorway to Narnia" in our living room.  It's really a wood stove fireplace without the wood stove... but "Doorway to Narnia" sounds mystical.

Courtesy:  Thrifty Decor Chick
As soon as I saw this idea, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with our Narnia cave!  

Jason and I sat on the floor, caught up on our TV show, and cut out some bats.  Mine aren't as 3-D as the originals.  But I like them better.  We folded black paper in half length-wise, and cut the bats freehand like snowflakes.  They're all different.  And I love them :)

'Tis Near Halloween Sign

And finally, I had a spot to fill on the mantle-- and an extra wooden plaque.  So I took one of my favorite Halloween sayings and made a sign out of it.

"When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers 'tis near Halloween" --Unknown

I just love that.

I painted the plaque black.  Printed the saying out on a piece of white paper, with the images I wanted to use in place.  Then traced it onto the plaque using a sharp pencil.  And finally I filled in the writing with paint pens.  Easy as pie!

I hope you found something here you liked-- and you will try.  Happy Haunting!


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