Tuesday, April 22, 2014

UHG.... Crazy Neighbors

I really wanted to write an update last night-- because as you may have noticed, toward the end of the week I dropped the ball.  I owe you guys a craft, an update and a fitness tip.  All of that is forthcoming-- and I had every intention of writing something...

And then, the neighborhood troll appeared at my door for a yelling match.  Long story short, she claims my dog is trying to attack her grandson through our fence.  I told her she's only outside when I'm home-- and while I admit I don't watch her 24/7, the doors and windows are open and I can hear when she's getting too rambunctious.... that only happens when there's a squirrel involved.

The woman obviously had no interest in hearing what I had to say, which made me angry.  Well, that paired with the fact that she interrupted a particularly difficult workout, and I was hungry, and she told me my house smelled like shit.  Um, yeah it does-- I've been working out for an hour lady.  Anyway,  I may have told her off.  I believe I said, "You may have assumed by my Oregon license plates that I'm some laid back hippie you can bully around-- not the case.  Next time you'd like to discuss a problem-- please come back with a better attitude." Then I closed the door.  There may have been a profanity or two laced in there-- but I did let her yell for 20 minutes before I lost my cool.

The woman came back for round two this morning-- when she accused my dog, who was sitting right by my side, of barking loudly in the backyard since 5:00 am.  For the second round, she caught me as I was walking from the shower to the laundry room in search of clean underwear.  My towel and dripping hair did nothing to deter her.  So, I told her the next time she came over I would be happy to call my friends in uniform to help us mediate this dispute.  So far, I haven't seen her tonight-- but the night is young.

All this drama put me in a sour mood today.  I skipped my workout-- and instead had a delicious cheese burger for dinner.  While eating it-- I looked in the mirror and noticed my legs have gotten bigger, and I'm starting to sprout pimples on my forehead.  Guys-- I need to get out of this pattern.

To do that, I dusted off this gem.  Some of it was hard to watch-- sitting here having spent the last few weeks not eating the best meals I could, and choosing bed and tv over a 45 minute workout.  The rest of it was enlightening and inspiring.  I have so much hope in my eyes-- and such a positive outlook on life.   I don't know where that went, but I'd like to get it back.

I also went back and read some of my reasons to improve.... and some of the challenges I set for myself.

I was in tears by the end of it.  Last year, I was full of goals and ambitions-- and for the last few months of this year I've been ignoring those goals and letting myself go off the deep end.  It's time to take back my life, refocus on my goals and kick it in to high gear.  I deserve to be happy, to feel sexy, and to give myself a better life.  I think I forgot that a little-- when I moved down to California and put myself back into a vulnerable position.

In case you were wondering-- the workout my crazy neighbor interrupted was P90X... I wanted to give it a try after ditching my gym.  The location down here is small, hard to access, and has a terrible class schedule.  I've decided to cancel for now-- and go back to DVDs.  P90X is not for me.  The instructor is too douchey for my taste.  Tomorrow, I'll dust of Cindy Crawford and give that a go.

I hope you're all having a good week.  If you've fallen off the fitness wagon, I hope you;ll jump back on it with me this week!

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