Sunday, March 10, 2013

Depression and Disappointment

This past week was difficult, disappointing and strangely enlightening.

First of all, I want to give you a vague and short update on my post from last week.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday, and as I kind of hinted at I have a mild depression.  We are dealing with it, and at this point I'm not really comfortable talking about what I'm doing.  But when I get comfortable, I will discuss it a greater lengths.

Now, on to the next part of news.  I haven't talked much about this here, but my boyfriend Jason was trying to go to South Korea this summer to teach English.  He wanted to get some unique experience under his belt before he applied to grad school to get his masters in teaching.  We've been, I say we've but he's put in most of the effort... He's been working really hard toward this goal, and early this week we found out that he can't go until he loses 100 pounds....

Insert GASPS and WHATS???? here.

Apparently to teach in South Korea, you need to have a BMI of 30 or below.  They even ask for your weight on the application, which we thought was weird.  The reason?  The South Korean government wants to make sure you will live through your contract.  Obesity isn't a problem there, like it is here-- and that's the only explanation I've been giving myself.  


After a day of devastation, and some much needed tears-- we made a decision... it's time to get serious.  I know that we've talked a lot about wanting to lose weight, and for the past 2 + months I've been updating you on my progress.  But honestly, those attempts have been half-baked and half-assed.  


I know people say that a lot, and I certainly have a habit of making half-empty promises--especially when it comes to weight loss.  But, this time is different.  I feel like this news was a wake up call to the both of us.  Nothing in life worth having ever comes easy.  You can't just say you want to be healthy and wake up the next morning with a brand new body.  And so, it's time to really dedicate ourselves.  It's obvious the universe isn't interested in us entering another decade over 300 pounds...  and quite frankly, neither are we.

So we've decided to start "Operation: Sweatin' for Seoul."  It's our effort to kick our butts in gear, and start taking care of ourselves. Above are our before pictures.  Once a month, I plan to update you with a new picture of us (or maybe just me).  And I'll continue to use Sunday as a day to update y'all.  We also plan to use our awesome tax returns to pay for a membership to LA Fitness (I'll update you on how that goes once we get them).

And what weight loss mission is complete without some AWESOME T-Shirts...

Yes, that is Tye-dye!  We bought the supplies to make tye-dye shirts that say "Sweatin' for Soul" to wear to the gym and on our morning walks as a constant reminder of what we're working toward.

So there you have it.  Thanks for sticking with this week's update, I know I wrote a novel!  I'll keep you posted on our journey.


  1. WOW I am shocked, but excited for you guys. Sometimes horrid things can push you to the place where change finally happens! I can't wait to follow your journey.

  2. Thanks Falon! So far, so good (but it's only been a week) There's just something about having a goal that's really been motivating us. I can't wait to see where this journey takes us!


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