Thursday, August 15, 2013

Long Distance BFF Mugs

As part of my gift to Justine for her birthday, I decided I really wanted to make these mugs I found on Pintrest!

Aren't these adorable?  They're long distance BFF mugs, so you can enjoy your warm morning beverage (I say that because I don't like coffee, but tea is fine with me).  I thought they were incredibly cute, and since the two of us drink coffee and tea at work this would be a great thing to take to work.

You can find the original post here.

These are really easy to make.  I obviously did a few thinks differently than the original directions called for.

1. I'm not a great I printed out a map of the Northwest, and cut out the shapes of Montana and Oregon.  I then traced those images onto cardboard and cut out a stencil.  I taped those stencils onto the mugs and traced them onto the mug.

2.  DON'T USE A SHARPIE.  The last project like this I did with a sharpie, the image had washed off after 2 runs through the dishwasher.   Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a Porcelain 150 pen in the colors you want.  You have to let it dry overnight, but once it's baked it's on there permanently.

3. I also wrote our names on the handle instead of on the back of on the inside.  I just thought it looked better.   Plus, I didn't want to smudge the front with my clumsy left hand :)

That's it!  Pretty easy right?

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