Monday, March 25, 2013

Weight Loss Goals & Rewards

So yesterday I hinted at wanting to talk about some of the goals and rewards I've set for myself.  Before I tell you what they are, I want to talk a little bit about how important it is to set goals for yourself.  If you're starting, or have started a weight loss plan-- you know it's an ever-changing process as you continue to learn and grow.

If you've been to my "Health, Fitness & Weight Loss" tab and read the "My Fitness Journey" post-- you know that I've been battling with my weight for years now.  Try as I might, at some point I keep going back to old habits and getting frustrated.  During my last effort to lose weight, I started a program called "12 Weeks to Weight Loss."  It didn't work out for me, I only made it to about week three before I gave up and went back to binge eating.  But the program did teach me a few things about fitness success that I've carried with me to this new journey.

One of those things is that it's important to set goals and some sort of reward system for yourself.

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When it comes to goals, you should have one or two long-term goals, three of four short-term goals and then a weekly goal, something small that you can obtain every week... like going for a walk everyday.  Your rewards should reflect your goals, for example-- if your goal is to go for a walk every day, your reward should be something like a bubble bath, or an hour of reading in the sun.

Now onto the goals that I've set for myself...

[Long-Term Goal] To lose 150 pounds in 2 years.  That's what my doctor recommended, which comes out to about 2 pounds per month.

[My Reward] A brand new wardrobe, including a sexy new bikini and some fabulous new shoes.

[Short-Term Goal #1] To continue using "My Fitness Pal" to count my daily calorie intake and exercise.  I'd like to attempt to keep this up for the rest of the year.

[Reward] New Glass Tupperware to keep our meals in.  I'd really like to get rid of the plastic in our life, and if I can keep up my calorie counting-- I think I deserve some.

[Short-Term Goal #2] Walk Khloe at least 6 times a week from March until October.  Those are the "nice" months here in the Pacific Northwest-- and I really don't feel like walking in the snow and ice... I'm pretty sure Khloe doesn't feel like doing it either.

[Reward] New walking shoes.  That's a LOT of walking, and I'm pretty sure it tear the crap out of my shoes, so if I can make it to October on this new walking regimen I've started, I think I deserve some new shoes.

[Short-Term Goal #3] Incorporate up to 4 days at the gym into my workout schedule.  I'd like to add some fitness classes into my regimen, and I'd like to start doing that by the end of this summer.

[Reward] More sports bras.  I only have 2-- and I think if I'm going to become more active, I'm going to need some more sports bras.

[Short-Term Goal #4] Finish Operation: Hike the Gorge.  I view this little project of mine as training for bigger and better things. I eventually want to get into backpacking, so if I can get through some of these tougher hikes, I can backpack in the Oregon wilderness.

[Reward]  Backpacking Equipment.  There are lots of places I would like to see, but most of them can only be seen while hiking or backpacking-- especially here in the Pacific Northwest.  Not to mention, I can build on my new set of hiking skills-- but taking it to the next level.  Plus, I think this is a fitting reward for spending time in the great outdoors.

Alright people!  There you have it, my short term, and ultimate goals.  Of course, I have weekly goals.  But, I wanted to share my long-term goals with you, to inspire you to come up with some of your own goals.  And give me something to look back on when I'm feeling like giving up.

What are some of your weight loss goals and rewards?  Do you set weekly and daily goals for yourself as well?  Has it been successful for you, or do you find it overwhelming?


  1. I love this! I need to set a reward system because I am struggling with these last 20-30 lbs girlll.

    1. It's definitely nice to have something to work toward. But it also serves as a little reminder on those days when you're less than thrilled about working out. I say, DO IT! :)


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