Thursday, October 10, 2013

Monster Wreath

On Sunday night, after a grueling day at work for both Jason and I-- we came home to an awesome activity on our Halloween Advent Calendar.

Isn't he cute?  We named him Edgar, and hung him on our door before we went to bed Tuesday night.

I found the original pattern on where else: Pinterst.  I knew I wanted to make it, after my cousin's girlfriend gave me a left over wreath from my other cousin's baby shower.  She had used it for a baby items wreath for one of the games-- but had no idea what to use it for now that the shower is over....

But I sure did.

We made our shopping list, sans wreath, and headed to Michael's to pick up the stuff.  In no time at all, our basket was filled with Styrofoam balls, and Styrofoam pieces to make teeth.  The paint and fabric I had at home, of course.... and the only thing we had left to find was the tulle ((pronounced: tool... I'll get to that in a bit))

We scoured the store for green tulle, until we finally had to ask someone to help us find some.  Unfortunately, the woman we found to help us didn't know how to pronounce the word tulle-- so she kept asking what type of tools we needed for our project.  I finally walked to the front of the wedding section, and that's when I finally found it.  "Oh!  Tull.... not tulle," the woman said.  I grew up in a fabric store people, I assure you it's tulle (tool).

For this project I used: A small wire wreath, 2 rolls of green tulle, a white foam pad, 2 styrofoam balls, a black paint pen, 10 black pipe cleaners and some hot glue.

I wrapped the tulle around an old dry erase board and then cut both ends. Then I tied the smaller pieces around the wreath until it was packed, and the tulle couldn't move.

I used a black paint pen to paint circles on one side of the styrofoam balls.  I sat them aside to let them dry, then painted another coat.

While the balls dried, I cut my foam pad in half using a jagged pattern.  I placed each half on the back of my wreath and cut them to fit the circular shape of the wreath.  Once they fit, I hot glued them in place.

I grabbed four pipe cleaners, and twisted two of them together and created a foot with one end... and repeated the process with the other two and hot glued them to the bottom of  the wreath.  I took the last six pipe cleaners and twisted three each together... not all the way though.  I formed the end into "claws" then bent the arms in the middle and glued each "arm" to the right/left side.

Once it was all done, I glued the eyes to the top of the wreath.  Then I hung it on the door!

I love this wreath!  It's just so darn cute :)

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